Systems Technician - Devops



Mediachoach, a cutting-edge video analysis solution by and for professional technicians, is looking for a Systems Technician / Devops to carry out server / service maintenance and software development support (backend services and services web). 

The main technology is .NET, although we work mainly in Linux environments. The products to be developed are backend: .NET services, REST services, SOAP, Web API, SPA, scripting and frontend (HTML / JavaScript), mobile apps (Java, ObjectiveC)


Technician & Sistems Analist


  • Administration of Linux servers (Centos, Debian) with MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDb, SQLite, mono, apache, nginx, ftps, samba / nfs, REST services, ... 
  • Administration of Windows servers (gateways, IIS, ...) 
  • Network management (proxies, firewalls, dns, load balances, ports, sockets, ...) 
  • Management and maintenance of all the server architecture (in-house and Cloud architectures in AWS) 
  • Management of operations with Cloud data centers (architectures mounted on AWS) 
  • Database management: backup and data restoration 
  • Automate installation and maintenance tasks in different environments: test / preproduction / production (Bamboo with Ansible). 
  • Analysis and monitoring of systems through business metrics (Zabbix, Nagios, Grafana, etc.). 
  • Analyze and solve incidents 
  • Optimize the performance of platforms in terms of performance, network traffic, data storage capacity, response time, user concurrency, etc. 
  • Programming components / small scripts in shell scripting, Python, etc. 
  • Other ad-hoc tasks


  • At least 5 years’ experience in a similar position is required 
  • Training in engineering. Preferably computer engineering, telecommunications or similar
  • Experience working with agile methodologies (SCRUM)