Esports Operations Manager



About us:


LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional) is the biggest esports organization in the Spanish-speaking world and founding partner of Forge of Champions – premier League of Legends tournament in the United Kingdom, where rising champions are created, challenged and celebrated.


In LVP, we are all about achievement and empowering gamers to push themselves, to turn good into great, and to stay hungry for whatever comes next. And this is exactly what we expect from each other.

We are looking for individuals willing to go an extra mile. The best people in every game.

We are seeking for a League Operations Manager who will be the main architect of our operations strategy.




What you will be doing:


Lead diverse suite of daily league operations

·      Build, grow and run esports events for both amateur and professional organizations that will compete in the UK scene.

·      Collaborate directly with LoL teams and their managers. Representing all sides fairly to deliver the optimal experience for players.

·      Be in charge of all facets of planning including budgets, rules, scheduling, and implementation.

·      Manage all levels of pro and semi-pro competitions: overall strategy and design, large-scale events, production and promotion, broadcasting setup and operation and integrate sponsor’s activations.

·      Advise local teams on the design and running of FoC tournaments; implement brackets and exploring new competitive structures.

·      Supervise league logistics, including eligibility forms, team contracts, and player documentation.

·      Represent the league in discussions with pro players and their management by addressing their inputs in a timely manner.

·      Brainstorm, plan and aid in the execution of high impact esports campaigns to continually and iteratively expand the league’s viewership and drive the league’s competitive success.

·      Create focus with your team, guide them through the priority-setting process and help them to efficiently execute tasks.

·      Define key performance indicators to track the performance of our esports events and help your team to gain and maintain a data-informed perspective on their work.

·      Collaborate with other departments, as well as LVP HQ and Riot Games UK to drive competitive growth and planning at the league level.


Ideal candidate is:


·      Experienced: You have BS/BA or equivalent practical experience and minimum of 7 years’ experience in esports or sports. Preferably, you’ve worked in large-scale event production, design and execution of esports tournaments or regular online competitions well connected with large communities of gamers. You know the pro players and teams dynamics and have a deep knowledge of League of Legends global competition ecosystem. 

·      A passionate gamer and sports enthusiast: your passion for video games is what drove you to the industry; you follow games and sports. You are player focused and you comprehend your impact on player and viewer experience. You should be able to use your experience to improve the overall experience of all our esports events.

·      Someone with strategic profile and a broad understanding of UK esports landscape: You can target the most relevant strategic avenues to bring our events and broadcasts to the right crowd, in the right fashion.

·      Agile and well organized:  Your energy is positive, and you are focused on finding solutions to deliver your vision to both your team and the players. You are action oriented, accountable and authentically engaged.

·      A clear communicator- you convey your thoughts with ease and clarity. You are able to simplify the complexity of operational structure to teams, general management, commercial, publishing team, etc.

·      A modern thinker and talent driven: you stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve of event and esports initiatives carried out by other innovative media companies, whether in the UK or abroad. You hold frequent development discussions, set stretch goals. Ultimately, you love to see UK teams succeed and grow in their reach.

·      A tournament mastermind: your encyclopedic knowledge of brackets and tournament designs help immediately compute individual wins and losses as they relate to the tournament as a whole.

·      Player focused: you understand your impact on player experience and you use that experience to improve the overall experience of our players.