Broadcast Assistant



LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional) is the biggest esports organization in the Spanish-speaking world and founding partner of Forge of Champions – premier League of Legends tournament in the United Kingdom, where rising champions are created, challenged and celebrated.

In LVP, we are all about achievement and empowering gamers to push themselves, to turn good into great, and to stay hungry for whatever comes next. And this is exactly what we expect from each other.

We are looking for individuals willing to go an extra mile. The best people in every game.

We are seeking for a full time Broadcast assistant who will be one of the main architects of our broadcasting strategy. During broadcastings, you will work as a VTR or CG operator, triggering videos, lower thirds and graphic assets. Depending on the complexity of the broadcasting you could be in charge of audio mixing, too.




You will be responsible for the playback of all graphic assets, animations and pre recorded video assets. This includes:

  • Filling and adapting every graphic assets: changing dates, hours, names, teams, coaches, filling, matches results, etc.
  • Adapting Photoshop projects if needed
  • Crating + playing scenes on Xsplit
  • Playing videos, graphic assets and animations when needed
  • Anticipate needs, and contents during ingame, crating further graphic assets
  • Basic audio mixer operation


You will also help as a broadcast assitant, analysing the rundown and pushing the development of the weekly assets needed for the program.


Ideal candidate is:

  • Gamer or eSports passionate, specially involved in League of Legends
  • Someone with experience in audio engineering or broadcast production


Valuable skills:

  • Photoshop skills
  • Knowledge and experience in control rooms. Understanding of signal mapping


Additional valuable skills:

  • Skills in Adobe Premiere
  • Skills in Adobe After Effects
  • Skills in Skins Spotlight (as an ingame observer in LOL)