Senior Computer Vision Engineer



Mediapro is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production and distribution. In our Barcelona headquarters we develop a novel system for automatic sports production named AutomaticTV ( which is currently being sold and used around the globe. AutomaticTV uses cutting-edge AI and video processing to leverage the limitations of traditional / human operated sports production enabling new business opportunities as human operators are no longer needed for recording and producing sports.

Currently, we have an open job position for a Senior Computer Vision Engineer with a strong background on real-time computer vision and pattern recognition, and provable industry experience as a C++ developer.

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One of its goals is to bring to production interesting ideas from academia, including algorithm understanding and tweaking as well as its optimization in order  to allow for real-time operation. The fields of interest for the project range from real-time video processing to object tracking, image segmentation, camera calibration or deep learning, among others. Also, knowledge on CUDA and parallel algorithms optimization is required.


Must have technical skills in:

  • Excellent C++ development skills.
  • Knowledge and experience with GPU programming (CUDA).
  • Computer Vision: object tracking, image segmentation, real-time video processing, 3D geometry and camera calibration.
  • Experience with the OpenCV library.

We value :

  • Experience in complex multithreaded applications.
  • Matlab/python prototyping is a plus.
  • Good debugging skills.
  • Experience in image color processing and color/histogram equalization.
  • Experience on the following technologies: Qt, git, boost/std, C++11.
  • Experience in Deep Learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Caffe, Pytorch).